The NDP claims its “cap-and-trade” Carbon Tax plan will not raise gas prices. They are wrong.

The Facts:

  • The NDP platform is based on raising $21 billion from a carbon tax scheme aimed at traditional fuel sources.  The tax essentially provides that companies will have to pay billions of dollars in order to continue carrying on their businesses, for example, producing, refining, and transporting gasoline.
  • Experts, including Jack Mintz, one of Canada’s pre-eminent tax experts, have determined that this NDP measure will raise gasoline prices by 10 cents per litre, rising by 2014 to an additional 18 cents per litre tax hike on gasoline.
  • The tax increase would also increase the cost of home heating fuel.

Our position:

  • Rapid increases in the price of gas are a concern. Filling up the car is a major expense for hardworking families. It hits the family budget hard.
  • That is why since 2006, our government has reduced taxes for families, individuals, seniors and businesses, including cutting the GST from 7 to 6 to 5 per cent.
  • These reductions have saved the average Canadian family $3,000 per year.  The GST reductions alone ensure families save money every time they fill up.
  • The NDP has voted against every tax we have reduced.
  • Canadians know that the Conservatives are the low-tax party and that the NDP is a high-tax party.
  • Unless Canada has a stable, national Conservative majority government, the NDP will make sure everything goes up:  Higher taxes, higher gas prices and massive new spending.
  • The NDP’s high-tax agenda will stall our recovery, kill jobs and set families back.

Facts on our own climate change plan:

  • Unlike the NDP-Bloc Québécois-Liberal Coalition, we will never impose a carbon tax on Canadian families and businesses.
  • We will continue to work towards a realistic plan that includes all major emitters.
  • We will continue to harmonize our action with the United States, to reduce GHGs and protect Canadian jobs.

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