Want Higher Taxes? Ignatieff’s Your Man…

Earlier today, Michael Ignatieff’s chief finance spokesman John McCallum has again added his name to the list of Liberals calling for higher taxes.

“I think the era of tax cuts is over for the foreseeable future,” said McCallum.  He went further and said that Canada must end its decade-long “era” of tax cuts, and called for a “major role” for the federal government in the Canadian economy.  (Bloomberg, Apr. 20, 2010)

Translation: “If you and your family want less money in your pocket and want to pay higher and higher taxes, Michael Ignatieff’s your man.”

McCallum’s latest comments join those of Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff who has called over and over again for Canadians to pay higher taxes through GST hikes, carbon taxes and job-killing business taxes.  For example, Ignatieff clearly stated that “we will have to raise taxes.” (Waterloo Region Record, Apr. 14, 2009).  

Other Liberal spokespeople like MPs Gerard Kennedy, Michael Savage, Senator Colin Kenny, and members of Ignatieff’s “economic brain trust” have also called for higher taxes.  Whether it’s touting a carbon tax, GST hikes or job-killing business taxes, Ignatieff and the Liberals have never met a tax they didn’t like.

But compare Ignatieff’s high tax-and-spend approach with the prudent approach of our Conservative Government.  We’ve taken action to stimulate our economy during tough economic times through Canada’s Economic Action Plan, not impose job-killing taxes like Michael Ignatieff has proposed.  

In addition we’ve delivered real tax relief since 2006, including reducing taxes over 100 times through targeted tax relief for individuals, families and seniors across the country.

While Conservatives work to deliver lower taxes for Canadians, Michael Ignatieff continues to find ways to propose tax hikes.  That’s because Ignatieff isn’t in it for Canadians.  He’s just in it for himself.

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